Based in Vancouver, BC, SmartCity ITS provides Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies, integration and support for municipalities and agencies across Canada. Our proven technologies combined with our creative and responsive approach reduce risk and enable municipalities to optimize their networks and realize enhanced safety and efficiency.


  • Practical solutions that creatively merge old and new technologies to reduce risk, enhance existing systems, and maximize budgets
  • Successful integration that addresses system compatibility and multiple device types
  • Smooth deployment with incredible attention to detail, testing and quality control
  • Responsive, efficient and flexible teams that work hard to understand your goals and deliver outstanding results, on time and on budget
  • Partnerships with the best manufacturers and proven technologies
  • Operations support, training, and maintenance
  • Assessment of emerging technologies creates opportunities and impacts


Warren Prokopich

Warren Prokopich is the founder and principal of SmartCity ITS.  With a long and impressive track record in technology and ITS industries, Warren’s purpose and passion is to offer SmartCity ITS as a specialist in Intelligent Transportation Systems supply and integration. To this end, he oversees every aspect of the company’s projects, working alongside his team of engineers, technicians and technology partners to develop practical solutions that help municipalities reduce risk, optimize networks and increase quality of life in our communities.

Warren’s first foray into technology was 20+ years ago, when he worked in the design and manufacture of powering solutions for the telecom, CATV, traffic, security, medical, industrial and renewable energy industries. His natural affinity for technology was obvious early on, which stems from a love of problem solving and strong attention to detail.

Since then, Warren has worked in electrical products distribution; automation and robotics; advanced pedestrian safety systems; and traffic management systems. During this time, he leveraged his true gift of working with people to develop trusted relationships and a strong network of partners, suppliers and clients.

With the formidable challenges facing municipalities today–growing populations; urban densification; aging infrastructures; increasingly limited resources–and the exciting opportunities that emerging ITS technologies offer, there is no place Warren would rather be than helping to build smarter, safer and more sustainable cities.

Contact Warren today to talk about your next project or the latest in ITS technology. Call 604-366-0819.

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